Eric and Mandee McNew - KnoxFoodie KnoxFoodie was born from two newlyweds that happen to be avid home cooks. Together they have been living the foodie life exploring local, national, and international food destinations, sharing recipes, and experimenting with fermentation, home curing, and even gardening. Eric's passion for food originated with the talents of his mother. A simple country cook, but she produced amazing family meals almost every day of his childhood. Mandee is a city girl originally from Atlanta. And especially enjoys the more scientific aspects of cooking like baking and cocktail design. While both have professional careers, Eric is a frustrated creative director, Mandee is an orthopedic physician assistant, they try to carve as much time out of their busy schedules as they can to find new foodie adventure. Marketing Your Food-Related Company Through our experience in social media, food photography, and media connections we are helping local food-related businesses become and remain successful. If you're company (restaurant, brewery, farm, distillery, etc) need help, we'd love to chat. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Our 9-5's we spend as busy professionals...but the fun lies in our work with food. We spend every free minute, reading, writing, or photographing food near and far. We have written for national blogs like Taste Trekker, DayTripper365, and Bon Appalachia and regularly develop recipes for blogs, newsletters that need a food section. Just check out the MarcNelsonDenim Newsletter as an example. We also manage the social media/marketing accounts of local restaurants in Knoxville.  So, if you are interested in sponsoring us to cover an event, writing a food heritage article, developing a recipe (savory, sweet, or libation), or are looking for a social media/marketing professional to join your local restaurant, farm, or other food/beverage-related company, just give us a shout. We'd be happy to consider it. If you're a local Knoxville food-related venue and would like us to feature you on, we would also love to hear from you. Locally, we try to support only Knoxville-owned businesses. Occasionally a unique franchise catches our interest. We buy local and hope you do as well! Follow their daily foodie adventures on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Illustration by Tim Poe.
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