Holly's 135 is almost here!

Holly’s 135 is almost here!

We were lucky enough to be invited last night to a little gathering to show off Holly Hambright's newest venture; Holly's 135. As you can tell from the crowd, it's going to be one of the more popular locations on Gay Street! Located int he former Shuck location, Holly's 135 will offer a variety of menu selections including meat and three plates, a good selection of draft beer, and outstanding cocktails that we were able to sample. They hope to be able to open on Friday the 13th 'if' the city cooperates and they're able to get everything in place. So do yourself a favor and go support this excellent new food destination on the 100 block of Gay Street. 20150204HOLLYS135-111 20150204HOLLYS135-99 20150204HOLLYS135-102 20150204HOLLYS135-103 20150204HOLLYS135-101 20150204HOLLYS135-100 20150204HOLLYS135-104 20150204HOLLYS135-105 20150204HOLLYS135-107 20150204HOLLYS135-109 20150204HOLLYS135-106 20150204HOLLYS135-108 20150204HOLLYS135-110
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